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 Graphic Designer Intern (Bay Area)

职位名称Graphic Designer Intern


发布时间: 10/27/2017

公司业务: 互联网平台公司

公司地址: Pleasanton, CA

工作时间: Internship

工资待遇: Marketing Price (DOE)

上升空间: 优秀的可以留下转正为full-time


1. 辅助市场部、PR 和活动部设计相应推广材料(图片广告、Posters, 网站Banners, 邮件设计,多媒体素材等)

2. 了解用户体验要素和用户感官设计, 根据产品定位和市场需要修饰网页设计,提高页面和产品的用户体验

3. 有良好的设计感觉,能独立完场作品并很好的和市场部、工程师团队沟通,勇于创新和提出创意性的设计和品牌优化方案

4. 愿意接受挑战,接受不同的工作内容


1. 有1年以上的平面设计经验

2. 本科或研究生毕业于平面设计、视觉设计、UI/UX 设计专业

3. 会熟练运用Adobe Creative Suite ( Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom) 和UI/UX产品设计工具,如Sketch

4. 对网页和移动端的设计规格和测试流程较为熟悉

5. 熟练网络编程语言HTML/CSS 者优先

6. 能够按时完成任务,善于交流合作



   Management Trainee (Memphis) 

职位名称Management Trainee

职位编号: IN13063

身份要求: 可提供H-1B Sponsor

发布时间: 10/25/2017

公司业务: International eCommerce Platform

公司地址: Memphis, TN

工作时间: Full-Time

工资待遇: $5W+/yr (Depends on Experience)

97Lemon小评:  雇主公司总部在上海,20多年的企业经营历史。目前在曼菲斯的办公司有15个全职员工,90%以上是local员工;该office计划在3年内团队成员发展至150人以上。企业有非常好的服务和人事运营管理体系,完全合法合规运营,福利待遇和保险等俱全不缺。公司致力于将管培生培养为该分部的管理者,个人上升和发展空间很好~


1. As a Management Trainee, youll start learning our business from day one while based out of one of our branches. You will be entrusted to serve as both the face of Enterprise to customers and partners and the behind-the-scenes operational expert. In our structured program, you will master the knowledge and skills you need to eventually cultivate new business and develop your team. (您从我们的分公司开始,从入职第一天开始学习公司业务。与此同时,您将被委托作为企业的客户和合作伙伴以及业务后端的操作专家。在公司的结构化培训中,您将掌握所需的知识和技能,最终有能力胜任新的业务团队领导者。)

2. You are trained on the job for 2-3 years with rotations in warehouse, counter sales, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial statements, purchasing, inside sales, project management, inventory management and outside sales. All of the training helps to equip trainees to be one of the future leaders of us. (您的工作将会涉及仓库和库存管理,供应链管理,联系物流,传货到岗,清关,账款收支,财务报表,采购,内部销售,项目管理,外部销售等。所有的培训,学习和锻炼都有助于培训您成为公司和行业未来的领导者之一。)

3. In our hands-on learning environment, you will receive the guidance, mentoring, and support you need to be successful. Well teach you how to excel at customer service, sales and marketing, finance, and operations. And youll learn what it means to always put our customers first. Ours is a culture of friendly competition, which is critical to growing our business and your success. (在具体的实践学习环境中,您将获得在公司和行业成功立足所需的指导和支持。比如如何做好客户服务,如何成为一个落地的营销管理者,如何读懂财务和看懂运营等。公司有着友好竞争的文化,这对于增长公司的业务和您的成功都至关重要。)


1. 3年左右仓库/工厂管理、物流运输及相关行业工作经验

2. 有Operation或Supply Chain或供应链管理相关工作经验优先考虑

3. 美国中部地区工作或者生活过的优先考虑

4. 种族不限,Local或者International Fresh Graduates等均可

5. 知书达理,综合素质高

6. 身体健康,积极阳光

7. Loyalty and a long term work commitment needed  

8. Be able to lift 70 pounds



 Site Manager(Memphis) 

职位名称Site Manager 

职位编号: IN13064

身份要求: 提供H-1B Sponsor; 或绿卡/公民

发布时间: 10/25/2017

公司业务: International eCommerce Platform

公司地址: Memphis, TN

工作时间: Full-Time

工资待遇: $5W+/yr (Depends on Experience)


1. Coordinate movement of goods from various locations and fulfillment centers

2. Be responsible for website content and management of order fulfillment

3. Establish relationships with verious cross-sector partners

4. Office work includes order tracking and some data entry, collection and analysis 

5. Work closely with team members, retail locations and other warehouse managers to maintain site standards

6. Communicate customer feedback to warehouse and marketing and other teams to develop processes for better adhere customers

7. Sguarantee the movement of goods and fulfillment of online/offline orders from retail locations. Supporting online/offline business initiatives


1. 3年左右仓库/工厂管理、物流运输及相关行业工作经验

2. Strong quantitative and analytical skills

3. Excellent verbal and written communication (Bilingual: English & Chinese) skills 

4. Strong capacity / time management skills. Ability to prioritize is essential

5. Experience with basic HTML, CSS, Outlook, & Microsoft Office

6. Experience with photo editing applications is a plus

7. Experience with UPS, FedEX and USPS is a plus

8. Be able to lift 70 pounds



   E-Commerce Manager/Specialist  (Bay Area) 

职位名称E-Commerce Manager/Specialist 

职位编号: IN13062

身份要求: H-1B Sponsor; 或绿卡/公民

发布时间: 10/23/2017

公司业务: International eCommerce Platform

公司地址: Bay Area / Los Angeles, CA

工作时间: Full-Time

工资待遇: $5000+-  (Depends on Experience)


1. Connect with influencers in our Product Testers to gain valuable feedback on our products and strategizing it’s growth through campaigns.

2. Manage and oversee the company's e-commerce business efforts

3. Head the planning and execution of the marketing strategies (Social Media, Influencer Marketing, etc) to promote products to online customers

4. Monitor and evaluate marketing campaign results on a daily basis in coordination with company goals and benchmarks.

5. Continuously build the company’s social media platforms through campaigns and content generation.

6. Co-branded Partnerships-Engage with other influencers pertaining to Tenergy products for social media campaigns and networking.

7. Collaborate with other departments (customer service) and team members to troubleshoot issues with consumers and build positive brand awareness.

8. Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results.

9. Keep pace with social media and internet marketing industry trends and developments.

10. Assist with ad copy and product listings for retail sales channels

11. Knowledge about SEM and SEO concepts and how to execute them.


1. Bachelor's degree or higher in marketing, English, business or a related field required

2. Passionate about marketing and consumer electronics with aptitude to learn

3. Excellent written and verbal skills, content generation experience preferred

4. Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and measurement

5. Strong time management skills

6. Ability to think creatively and innovatively

7. Budget-management skills and proficiency

8. Proficient in MS Office, Google doc



Manager Assistant (Bay Area)

职位名称Amazon Specialist(急招!!)

职位编号: IN13052

身份要求: 绿卡或公民

发布时间: 10/23/2017

公司业务: Real Estate 

公司地址: Fremont, CA

工作时间: Full-Time

工资待遇: $3500+  (Depends on Experience)


1. Oversee all aspects of the administration of the agent’s business.

2. Create & manage all systems for sellers, buyers, client database management, lead generation tracking, lead follow-up & all office administration.

3. Maintain all agent financial systems, profit & loss statement, bill payment, budget(s), bank accounts, and business credit card(s).

4. Coordinate the purchasing of any office equipment, marketing materials and any other business related supplies and materials.

5. Create & update a business operations manual and all job descriptions/employment contracts for any future hires.

6. Manage the recruiting, hiring, training and ongoing leadership of all future administrative hires.

7. Hold agent(s) accountable for conducting all agreed upon lead generation activities.

8. Ensure that all agent activities are limited to listing property, showing property, negotiating contracts & lead generation.


1. Excellent bilingual  language (English and Chinese) skills

2. Real Estate experience preferred but not necessary, training will be provided

3. Full time position

4. Need to be flexible odd hours or sometimes weekends

5. Bonus and medical insurance will be given base on work performance 

6. Loyalty and a long term work commitment needed  

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