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服 务 简 介

NGO猎聘是中国发展简报开展的,国内唯一一项基于自有公益人才库的中高端人才猎聘业务。“NGO猎聘”通过自有公益人才数据库的开发建设,帮助公益组织提升人才搜索成功率, 提高人才招募效率,破解公益人才市场难题,推动行业发展。


  • 无需预付任何费用,成功之后付款;

  • 人才数据丰富:个人用户数量25583人,机构用户3509家;自建NGO专业人才库,共有简历6335份,国内最早的NGO人才招聘网站(数据截止于2016年7月中旬);

  • 人才匹配度高:85%为本科及以上学历,10 %以上求职者拥有10年及以上工作经验;

  • 行业知名度高、宣传渠道广







  1. 甲乙双方签订委托书,公益组织作为甲方出具正式人才搜索服务委托书;

  2. 摸底公益组织的中高端人才需求的实际情况,包括岗位历史招聘情况以及失败原因、收集岗位职责、要求信息;

  3. 依据公益组织的需求,包括工作专业(行政、项目管理、筹资等)、领域(儿童、养老、扶贫、环保)的不同需求,设计不同的人才搜索方案;

  4. 实施人才搜索计划;

  5. 调整策略,最大化收集人才,通过电话、面对面的面试筛选、确定、推荐人选;

  6. 甲方依据自己的面试流程与要求,最终决定是否录用;

  7. 甲方与乙方推荐人确定正式劳务合同以后,支付服务费给乙方;

  8. 结束服务。




∣ 项目总监 


  1. 了解机构使命愿景,负责机构项目的开发、设计,确保项目目标与其匹配;

  2. 负责带领项目组人员推动项目执行,包括分工、进度、质量与预决算管理报销管理、效果评估;

  3. 负责项目组人员的半年、年终评估;

  4. 负责项目利益相关方的维护与管理;

  5. 负责项目相关合作资源开发、拓展与维护;

  6. 协助机构主任完成机构季度简报、半年度/全年度工作总结、公示报告;

  7. 完成机构主任交办的其他与业务开发和项目交付有关的工作。


  1. 国内外知名大学本科以上学历,有五年以上项目管理经验,能独立负责项目运营管理;

  2. 熟悉公益项目,有志于从事推动女性进步方面的工作;

  3. 工商管理、社工、社会学、经济学、心理学等专业优先。

  4. 积极、不设限的创新意识;

  5. 善心善语善念,谦虚平实,尊重他人;

  6. 在工作中修炼自心,学习成长;

  7. 对女性和儿童事业有使命感;

  8. 策略思考和分析能力;

  9. 推崇实践精益创业和互联网产品思维;

  10. 善于发现团队人员的优点并有良好的团队协作统筹能力;

  11. 头脑灵活,有同时管理多个项目的技巧和经验;

  12. 良好的文字和语言沟通能力、分析总结和自我学习能力强;

  13. 熟练的微软办公室软件系统操作技巧;

  14. 自我情绪压力管理能力。


  • 年薪12w

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∣ 城市主任 


Leadership and high - level representation:

  • Working with country director and urban manager, to supervise a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, maintaining collaborative relationships and a fast-paced work environment. 

  • Serve as the technical lead by providing the rest of team with technical insights, innovative plans and policy guidance.

  • Lead technical research and serve as the key source for external expertise.

  • Represent ORGANIZATION with influential national, regional and municipal leaders in cities in China, and its counterparts in the U.S.

Program implementation, oversight and support:

  • Working with the urban manager, lead the design to assess key challenges Chinese cities face in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and how the program can best help them meet those challenges.

  • Provide direction and oversight on design and delivery of training/peer-learning workshops for teams of key stakeholders from selected Chinese cities with the objective of increasing capacity on low carbon urban development.

  • Create and maintain a peer-learning network among practitioners from participating cities, and its U.S. counterparts.

  • Working with country director, urban manager, senior program officer (SPO), and M&E manager, develop work plans, budgets and progress reports as required by ORGANIZATION, donors and other partners.

  • Contribute significantly to the development of ORGANIZATION's program goal of urban sustainability in China. Actively develop ideas for future actions in this field.

  • Initiate trainings, roundtables, networking events and other activities to achieve the program goals.

  • Ensure coordination and relevance of the China-US city exchanges. 


  • Working with the urban manager, ensure monitoring and evaluation activities and reporting meet ORGANIZATION’s standards, and are completed on schedule.

  •  Working with urban manager, M&E manager, and senior program officer, review and finalize annual and quarterly program reports.

  • Represent the Low Emission Cities Alliance program to government officials, funding sources, partners, beneficiaries, and at conferences and other outreach opportunities.

  • Regularly inform all staff of program activities and accomplishments.

  • Communicate program activities, challenges and accomplishments to the Country Director and headquarters staff.  

  • Work closely with ORGANIZATION HQ organizational and programmatic leadership.

Financial management:

  • Provide proactive oversight of financial activities, assuring program activities are implemented according to the financial forecast and expected spending rate.  

  • Work with the urban manager, finance manager and the Country Director to revise the budget periodically, review and finalize annual and quarterly financial reports.


  • Master’s degree in climate policy, urban planning, public administration, environmental management, government or other related political/social science degree and 15+ years of experience. 

  • Technical expertise and/or knowledge in one of these areas: energy efficiency, GHG emission reduction concepts, mass rapid transit systems, green buildings, environmental governance, climate resilience, etc. 

  • Sound understanding on climate change issues and the challenges it presents to the sustainability of Chinese cities. 

  • High-level representation abilities, with experience in China.

  • Significant experience with international organizations, and municipal government in Chinese cities. 

  • Exposure to or experience with a range of government agencies.

  • A track record that demonstrates energy and creativity, and the ability to successfully deliver training and workshops.

  • Strong supervisory and mentoring skills.

  • Proven analytical and organizational skills.

  • Strategic thinker with an open and collaborative work style.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking and presentation skills.  Sound interpersonal skills.

  • Experience with Microsoft Office suite and web-based software.

  • Ability to travel up to 30% time between selected cities in China and the U.S.

  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Chinese.

  • Commitment to ORGANIZATION’s values and mission.

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